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Last Minute Packaging is Our Specialty!


There’s nothing worse than placing an order for custom plastic bags, spending all that time going over specifications, materials and colors, when the manufacturer calls and says they can’t complete your order. Maybe it was due to machinery break-down or they simply over booked themselves. But now here you are, without the custom plastic bags… Continue Reading »

A Plastic Bag Manufacturer You Can Count On

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Custom plastic bags are important. We service companies across countless industries and no matter what business sector they are in, our customers agree that custom plastic bags are an integral part of their business – whether it’s for marketing, consumer safety, or corporate communication. If it’s so important, why do companies still insist on going to a… Continue Reading »

Add Custom Plastic Bags to Your Hospital’s Budget


The end of the fiscal year has arrived in your hospital or medical facility. Now is the time that your team addresses what is needed for next year based off of last year’s performance. The memory if this past winter may still cause you to shiver- colds, flu, injuries, and busy waiting rooms. So before… Continue Reading »