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Food Start Up Tips

Food for Thought: Advice for Your Upcoming Food Start-up

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Are you especially talented in the kitchen? Have friends been saying you should sell those cookies or that amazing fudge you make for special occasions? Have you thought about following this advice and taking the leap into a small food start-up? Here are a few tips for people who are just beginning.

Focus on one thing and make it unique.
Make it shine. Whether it’s the product itself, or the way it’s created, presented or delivered, be sure that yours is a stand-out and something that you alone provide to your market.


Speaking of markets, do your research.
Go to local markets and provide free samples and taste testing opportunities (talk to a Rainbow Polybag representative to see how they can help create eye-catching packaging for this process). Presentation of your samples in a eye-popping food bag is a great way to get attention. See what other people are making. Find out what consumers want from the product your making. Develop a social network, post beautiful pictures of your creations and blog about the process and your inspiration. Post recipes. Develop a potential buying audience before you’ve even opened your doors.


Be money savvy.
Check prices of ingredients and figure out what it will cost to create your product. Understand that some prices continually fluctuate do to scarcity and demand and accommodate this. Check out what other people are charging for the same item. Develop pricing that makes sense. Be creative with the budget you have in the beginning and don’t spend money when you can solve a problem a different way – for instance, if people are willing to help you out for a day in exchange for a batch of those cookies!


Follow the rules.
Understand the regulations in your county and state. Double-check with your local zoning laws to make sure you can run a business from your home. Get all of the licenses, insurance and inspections required.


Be professional.
Hire individuals for tasks that run outside your realm of expertise, like web design. An expert designer can help you create an eye-catching brand. Customers appreciate beautiful design and careful packaging. Rainbow Polybag’s representatives can help you create customized food bags specific to your product and incorporating your designs and ideas.

These are just some basic common-sense tips. And I think the most important thing to do, as Stuart Langley advises, is to JUST GO DO IT. Good luck on your new venture!