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Brand Development

Considerations When Developing a Brand

Categories: Apparel Bags

You’re starting an apparel company or perhaps you’re launching a new line in a well-known store. You’ve done your research and gathered data from the local market. You want to appeal to your locality and to a certain type of consumer. How do you attract them? This is where brand personality steps in.

Successful brands require personality. What do you want your brand to say? Are you catering to an older or younger crowd? Conservative or whimsical? Men, women or gender neutral? Upscale and posh or reasonably priced and common-sense? What emotional states do you want to convey? Once you’ve decided on the message that best suits your product and its intended customer, you can develop a palette, logo, mission statement and packaging that conforms to the statement you want to make. And in turn, these can be used in your physical store design, your online presence, your apparel bags and other packaging and in your advertising to appeal to your target audience.

For instance, compare two successful apparel chain stores presenting opposing ideas to the same age group. Well-known Store A uses a traditional palette and stringent typography to present their relatively conservative clothing line. One thinks of school, an interview or an office job, the golf course – places where you don’t want to be considered off-putting or an outsider, places where you wish to appear professional. Well-known Store B, on the other hand, uses a flowery palette. They utilize freehand writing and hand drawn designs in their signage and website. They’re trying to appeal to people who want to be seen as an individual, who want to stand out from the crowd. People with a romantic inclination. Their apparel tends to be loose and casual, revealing and colorful. While the same young woman might shop at both stores, she will go to each for differing needs and the branding helps inform her.

Once you’ve decided upon your brand design, how do you want to apply it? Believe it or not, your packaging will send a clear message to your customer. For instance, is it recyclable? Is it strong? What sort of palette and graphics are you presenting? A powerful logo and a well-done “last touch” when packing purchases can make a really big impact. Branding and the value chain go hand in hand. You want to provide your customers with a quality experience from beginning to end, and we can help. Look at our lines of apparel bags and promotional packaging and talk with a representative about how we can accommodate your ideas.