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Promotional Bags

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Whatever the holiday or special occasion, we have the right custom plastic bags for you! Contact us with your needs and we can create the special packaging for your company’s promotional packaging needs.

Rainbow Polybag produces custom promotional printed bags for countless occasions, including:

» Spooktacular Promotional Printed Bags for Halloween
» Festive Holiday Promotional Printed Bags
» Litter Bags- The Perfect Promotional Printed bags for your business.
» Christmas
» Special Occasions
Introducing a new product? Our Detachable Coupon Bags are perfect for promoting them, as you offer potential customers with a free sample along with a coupon to purchase the product. Learn more about detachable coupon bags.

When ordering promotional printed bags, it is important to discuss your needs with your plastic bag manufacturer. For instance, you may know that you require plastic bags with handles, but are you aware of what type of handle will function best for your purposes? If you need plastic bags with handles to simply house lightweight items, die cut bags are the ideal promotional plastic bags for you. As the weight of the intended items to be carried by the bags increases, the handles on promotional printed bags become more and more reinforced. Foldover die cut bags offer slightly more reinforcement than traditional die cut bags, while patch handle bags offer the strongest reinforcement. Should you require plastic bags with handles that are more comfortable for your customers to carry, consider poly bags with drawstrings

Promotional printed bags are also available in single or double wall construction to allow you to customize the strength of your poly bags.

Contact us to start designing your promotional printed bags today!

Available Bag Colors: Many colors are available.
Available Gauges: Many different gauges are available.
Available Construction: Patch Handle, Die Cut Bags, Foldover Die Cut Bags, Poly Drawstring, and others. Single Wall construction. Double Wall construction.
Pricing: Contact us for information on pricing for your promotional printed bags.