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For Shipping Clothing, Poly Mailers Are Much Better Than Paper

Poly mailers are the packaging solution of choice for apparel and soft goods retailers. The tough, durable nature of poly mailers protect clothing and accessories from the rigors of shipping far better than paper envelopes – there’s no worry about tears or moisture damage. In fact, Patagonia, the top clothing brand, in an internal case… Continue Reading »

Polybag Packaging Transforming The Pet Food Industry

Categories: Food for Thought

As experienced polybag manufacturers, we’ve seen our high quality, eye-catching bags used in many different industries, from gourmet snacks to accessories and apparel. Now it appears that custom polybags have gone to the dogs – or at least, to the dog food aisle. This article by pet industry expert Bob Bamberg, gives many reasons why… Continue Reading »

What’s The Safest Way to Ship Cash, Checks & Valuable Documents? Dual-Security Bags

The integrity and security of your shipments is always important, but knowing a package is safe and tamper-proof becomes especially essential when you need to ship cash, checks, or other valuable documents. Shipping is often the most cost-effective way to transport currency over great distances – but envelopes full of money are a tempting target… Continue Reading »