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Polybag Packaging Transforming The Pet Food Industry

Categories: Food for Thought

As experienced polybag manufacturers, we’ve seen our high quality, eye-catching bags used in many different industries, from gourmet snacks to accessories and apparel. Now it appears that custom polybags have gone to the dogs – or at least, to the dog food aisle.

This article by pet industry expert Bob Bamberg, gives many reasons why polybags are increasingly becoming the packaging solution of choice in the pet food world.

First and foremost, custom polybags are durable. The previous dominant choice for pet food – printed triple layer paper bags – can deteriorate quickly under normal shipping, display, and transport to the customer’s home. This deterioration can negatively impact the appearance of a brand’s imagery and logo, making it hard for customers to know what they want to buy. Printed polybags, by comparison, can stand up to incredibly rough handling without losing any of their visual appeal.

The second way in which custom polybags are a superior choice to triple printed paper bags is functionality. When people buy a product like pet food, they’re generally buying a relatively large supply – enough to meet their needs for several days, if not a week or longer. Polybags can feature a variety of type of closures, such as slide zips and press to close, that keep food fresh and easily contained. This functionality is simply not available with a paper bag.

Finally, custom polybags offer pet food a superior level of protection. Moisture is the nemesis of the printed paper bag: while triple printed bags can shrug off a few drops, being exposed to too much moisture can mean the end of a very expensive bag of pet food.  Polybags keep pet food safe from moisture, insect intrusion and other spoilage factors.

If you’re in the pet food industry, and you’d like to find out more about how printed polybags can better protect your product, increase your brand’s appeal to customers, and help you sell more product, give us a call today. The answers you’ve been looking for are here.