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Loss Prevention during the Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, businesses will not only bulk up their stock in anticipation of increased sales, but also their staff. It’s necessary for many businesses to hire and train a crew of temporary employees, and most if not all of them will be unknown and untested individuals that will need to be trained and constantly monitored. There will be dense crowds of customers requiring attention, which may mask shoplifters and other people looking to take advantage of distracted, overwhelmed or unseasoned employees. Weather and holiday traffic may throw off the armored car’s schedule. And the chances are good that your daily banking amount will increase substantially, as well as the variances created by having a larger number of cashiers on hand. There will be more micro-deposits and more registers to open and close. Many small business owners and box store managers will be pulling full days and suffer from the symptoms of overwork. In the midst of all this seeming chaos, it’s important to know that after the time-consuming task of creating the daily deposit, you can have it safely and securely transported.

Strong tamper-evident security transporter bags are a far superior choice over locking cloth bags for a variety of reasons. They’re sealed with a tamper-evident adhesive, and include a void tape closure system that will reveal the word “VOID” if there has been any attempted bag re-entry. They utilize alpha-numeric and barcode tracking systems with tear-off receipts so that both you and your financial institution can verify your deposits precisely, following the “get and give a receipt” standard.

The highly efficient nature of these bags also deters individuals who might otherwise be tempted by an easier target. A well-made tamper-evident security bag will enable you and your cash transport handler or bank representative to quickly assess whether or not your deposit has been compromised, and the speed with which this occurs is likely to pinpoint the responsible party in short order.

Always keep loss prevention best practices in mind whether it’s the holiday season or not. It’s critical for all individuals involved in the transfer to verify the integrity of a bag as it is being handled so that any necessary action can be taken immediately. Quick assessment and action in most cases leads to a fast resolution. The holidays are stressful enough without your business suffering from an unacceptable level of cash loss. Using tamper-evident security bags for cash transport and deposit is an excellent step toward increased security and improved loss prevention.