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Holiday Shopping Season

Retail Sales Trends for 2015

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With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, what are the trends we can expect to see in our retail experience? 2015 is the Year of Tech and the year where the brick-and-mortar store finds an equal footing with its ecommerce counterparts. However, online shopping will still reign supreme. Let’s take a look.

Popular Products in 2015

Fitness is a huge trend this year. While fashion apparel hasn’t projected any really new hot styles for the fall, fitness gear has seen a huge spike in sales and only promises to rise in popularity, especially as we hit that time of the year where we’ll burst if we eat one more piece of candy. Yoga gear, tracking accessories like Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit, bluetooth scales made by companies like Withings and iHealth – these are all items that will be on people’s shopping lists. Customers will be comparison shopping online to see where they can get the best deal.

And with these fitness-minded items comes the generally health-minded items: organic foods and natural ingredients. Recyclable products made with eco-friendly materials. This is a continually rising trend, and companies will want to boost their Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns to assure their customers that they’re supporting a socially conscious brand.


Trends in Customer Experience

Technology is absolutely key this year and promises to only become more so. Stores will be utilizing unique loyalty apps, in-store beacons and a variety of high tech displays and methodologies to provide the customer with a wow factor. Mobile payment services like Apple Pay are incredibly popular. Several big names have started creating a social experience for their customers, where one can share images of their purchase and discuss how they’re using the product. And the well-known social networks like Facebook and Pinterest are increasingly serving as a place to present your product.

The technology, the support, the responsibility, the networking – it’s all put in place to make shopping easier, to provide the customer with value, speed and professionalism from beginning to end. In turn, this increases customer loyalty to a particular brand. And to make things even more efficient, many stores are providing omnichannel services where one has a variety of shipping and pick-up options at their fingertips. Next-day shipping and rapid store pick-up are expected to be huge this coming shopping season. This is the closest to instant gratification we’ve gotten. Be true to your brand and continue the shopping experience all the way through to delivery by using some eye-catching poly mailers dressed up with your logo and brand message.


In anticipation of this increased growth in ecommerce, be prepared and check out our customizable poly mailers. Made in a variety of sizes and colors with optional custom printing, we can help you provide your customers with the value, speed and quality they’re expecting. Striving to be ecologically responsible, Rainbow Polybag uses green practices in all steps of production and encourages recycling. Corporate responsibility programs can use our product with pride and customers can feel more at ease knowing the packaging was made with recyclable materials and is itself recyclable. The poly mailers are lighter than bubble mailers and stronger than paper envelopes, and well-suited for shipping apparel, books and boxed items. They provide great opportunities for decreased shipping and return costs. Rainbow Polybag’s mailers are a great option as the orders increase exponentially. May all shoppers and stores have a great season!