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how it works - our process

How it Works


Production Time

All orders for stock and custom plastic bags are subject to seasonal variations. On repeat printed orders, lead-time is generally 4 weeks. On new or repeat printed orders with changes, lead-time is 4 weeks after receipt of approved proof. Please be aware that a proof is generally produced 5-7 business days from receipt of purchase order and artwork.RUSH SERVICE IS AVAILABLE.Please call for further information.

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Ordering Information

All purchase orders for custom plastic bags should be specified as follows: quantity, bag style, bag size, film color (and type where applicable), gauge (film thickness), number of colors (PMS #’s) and sides to be printed, single wall or double wall construction (where applicable), position of copy (we will position copy on lower center of bag if not specified), shipping instructions, and preferred freight terms. On double wall bags, you must specify color of inner layer of plastic. Please speak with one of our Sales Representatives for plate estimates on custom plastic bags. All orders will be confirmed via fax or email.

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On all new printed orders, a PDF proof will be submitted to you at no charge on new or changed artwork for correctness of copy, size, and print location. Art and plate charges are sent with proofs for approval prior to production. Your order will not be manufactured and lead-time will not begin until a signed proof is approved. No claim or allowance of any kind will be considered on printing.

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Bag Colors

The following colors are available to provide your desired custom plastic bags (unless noted otherwise throughout the website): CLEAR, CLEAR-FROSTED, WHITE, BLACK, GRAY, IVORY, BUFF, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BABY BLUE, ROYAL BLUE, BABY PINK, HOT PINK, DARK GREEN, AND SILVER (silver poly may have a distinct odor; please advise your customer accordingly). Metallic poly is also available. Not all colors are available in all sizes and quantities. Please call for further information.

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Ink Colors

Any non-metallic PMS color is available (in matte or glossy finish) on white film AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. For special ink matches or metallic inks, please call for a quote. It is important to note that colors of films and inks are subject to commercially acceptable standards. Due to this, film and ink combinations, like light inks on dark films, and when inks trap or overlap each other, may create another ink color. In either of these situations, we recommend contacting us for an ink draw down, which will more accurately depict the result of your ink and film color combinations. As your plastic bag manufacturer, we strive to provide the highest quality product that meets your exact needs and specifications.

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Allowable Over-Runs/Under-Runs

All Rainbow Polybag stock and custom plastic bag orders are subject to the following variation: Under 100M: +/- 10% – 15% variance is allowable. Over 100M: +/- 10% variance is allowable. Invoices will reflect the actual amount of bags manufactured and shipped.

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All Rainbow Polybag orders are FOB from our factory in Brooklyn, New York. All shipments will be made prepay and add (unless specified otherwise on purchase order). All incurred freight charges will be added to your invoice. Normal routing is via common carrier, UPS, or FedEx. Please advise on your purchase order if special circumstances exist regarding delivery (i.e., fork lift service, inside delivery, appointment required, etc.) which will result in additional charges. Drop shipments for stock and custom plastic bags are available at NO CHARGE.

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All Rainbow Polybag orders must be cancelled in writing. All charges incurred up to the time of cancellation (i.e., artwork, proofs, plates, film, or other material and/or labor costs), will be billed accordingly.

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Inspection or Return Policy

Rainbow Polybag merchandise may not be returned without prior written authorization from Rainbow Polybag Company. All shipments should be inspected upon receipt. It is your responsibility to review the packing slip or bill of lading for any damaged or missing cartons within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. Some returned items may carry a re-stocking charge. Please call for details.

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Credit Policy and Payment Terms

New Accounts

A credit application must accompany or precede your order. Please allow at least 5 business days for credit clearance.As experienced plastic bag manufacturers, we acknowledge that situations arise in which you require plastic bags and flexible packaging in a more timely manner. Thus, if you wish to proceed immediately, a 50% deposit will be required with your order, or your order can be charged (we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS).

Established Accounts

Net 30 Days. Large dollar volume sales will require special arrangements. Please call for further information.

Rainbow Polybag welcomes Business Checks, MasterCard, VISA, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, or COD for payment.

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Customer Service

Rainbow Polybag representatives are available to assist you from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Contact Us

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Free Samples

Available on all product styles to help support your plastic bag manufacturing needs. Please call, email, or fax us during normal business hours to inquire about poly bag samples.

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Printing Information / Art Requirements



Flexographic printing requires color separated art, metal engravings, and rubber printing plates in order to produce the highest quality custom plastic bags. Camera-ready art must be color separated to exact size, come with bearers and center lines, and have clean and sharp contrasting print. Where camera-ready art is not available, artwork will be billed on an hourly basis. Copy will be printed in the LOWER CENTER area of all bags, unless specified otherwise on your purchase order.

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Printing Capabilities

We are capable of printing up to 6 colors on both sides of bag and up to 100% print coverage to produce your desired custom plastic bags, except where indicated otherwise. For example, double wall bags cannot be printed with 100% ink coverage. Please call us for further information. PROCESS PRINTING IS AVAILABLE WITH A MINIMUM AS LOW AS 10M (ON SOME ITEMS ONLY). OTHER STYLE BAGS REQUIRE A MINIMUM QUANTITY OF 25M AND REQUIRES PRIOR APPROVAL OF ARTWORK AND A SPECIAL QUOTATION PROPOSAL.

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Plate Charges

When printing screen, halftone, or 4-color process copy, 100% in coverage, bags that are less than 12” wide, oversized print copy (over 20”), or 1-side print or different copy on each side of bag, you must contact us for a special quotation. To achieve an estimated plate charge, please follow the recommended guidelines for your custom plastic bags:

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» For each color, measure the furthest dimension of print copy for width and height and add 2 inches to each dimension.
» Multiply the width by the height to get the total square inches per color.
» Once you have the total square inches per color, please contact our sales representatives for best pricing.


Art Requirements

Please supply EPS vector artwork in Illustrator CS or lower, CorelDraw 12 or lower, Adobe Acrobat PDF, or Illustrator EPS, with fonts converted to curves/outlines,  so we can create spot dpi for four-color process and gray scale, 1200 dpi tiff or jpg format files in Bitmap mode for 1-color artwork of the source files at the full imprint size. Please create all artwork for custom plastic bag orders using Pantone spot colors. PC/Windows formatted CDR’s and 100mb Zip disks. Photocopies, faxes and business cards are not camera ready and will require artist services for additional touch up, stats, and trapping.

Enlargements and reductions will also entail a fee. Art may be supplied on disk prepared for PC format. On multi-colored artwork, please provide a composite showing color breakdown. We are currently able to accept art on the following PC/Windows-formatted programs:

» Adobe Illustrator CS or earlier
» Adobe Photoshop CS or earlier
» CorelDraw 12 or lower
» Adobe Acrobat PDF

If other than the software mentioned above, save with EPS preview on disk. Please have a black and white hard copy and/or color output proof accompany your disk, marked with any important information needed for output.

When fonts are used, you must include the screen and printer fonts used for the job on the disk OR create outlines for all types in Illustrator.

Screens and solids, even in the same colors, may need to be separated. Example: 185 red and a 30% 185 red screen may become a 2-color job. Prepare art file and output with the solid red on a separate plate from the red screen. Add trap to the screen and have the solid overprint. If preferred, choose a lighter color PMS at 100% to replace desired screen color.

All screens printing with solids need to be 55 lines up to a maximum of 65 lines. NOTE: we cannot blend screens to achieve graduated blends of color.

When preparing artwork for trapping of colors (overlap colors maintain registration) on orders for custom plastic bags, there must be no less than 3/64” trap. Create trap 3/64” or with a 3 to 4 pt. stroke rule. Caution should be taken when trapping certain ink colors which may create another undesired color PMS at 100% to replace desired screen color.

Printable image area is 1/2“ from sides of the bag and 1/2” from the bottom of the bag. Start the image 4” down from the top on Patch Handle bags to avoid the handle and seal area, and generally 3” down for all other types of bags.

Bleeds off the edges of the bag require 1” bleed off sides as well as the top and bottom.

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Distribution Logos

Upon request with orders for custom plastic bags, we will print a distributor’s logo in the bottom gusset of bag. Assuming it is a simple three-line copy (logos not included), we will set the type and make a set of slug plates for a minimum fee. Please call our sales representatives for further details.

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Required for accuracy of bag size during manufacturing, this will be printed as a small, solid, rectangular box in one of the corners of both sides of bag.

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