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Last Minute Packaging is Our Specialty!

There’s nothing worse than placing an order for custom plastic bags, spending all that time going over specifications, materials and colors, when the manufacturer calls and says they can’t complete your order. Maybe it was due to machinery break-down or they simply over booked themselves. But now here you are, without the custom plastic bags you need, and in a serious bind.

From poly mailers to time sensitive promotional bags, you were expecting to have these bags created and Rainbow Polybag is here to meet your specifications. Here’s how working with a domestic plastic bag manufacturer can keep you from missing big deadlines.

We just completed an order for a company in a similar situation. A plastic bag manufacturer fell through, so they gave us a call and we were able to do a quick turnaround for them with the quantity of custom plastic bags and following all their specifications.

Though immediate turnaround may not be possible, we make sure we have important products in stock, just in case someone needs some emergency polymailers or custom plastic bags. As a plastic bag manufacturer, we do our best to ensure that clients have custom plastic bags when they need them.

It helps being a local plastic bag manufacturer because it enables us to cut down the time for your custom plastic bags to be shipped to you. If your business is located in the tri-state area, working with Brooklyn based plastic bag manufacturer Rainbow Polybag can definitely minimize lead time so your custom plastic bags will be there before you know it.

Are you stuck and in need of custom plastic bags or packaging? Give your plastic bag manufactuer Rainbow Polybag a call; we’re here to help!