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The Thought Behind Color Packaging

Color is an extremely powerful tool for branding. Even the biggest brands in the world try to effectively gain a competitive advantage through the use of color in logos, packaging, design, and even stores. Color has the ability to evoke certain emotions in us on an unconscious level; it is arguably the most powerful brain stimulus. This energy and stimulation is something that brands want to harness in their packaging and custom plastic bags. Here are some insights about color that can help you with your packaging and custom plastic bags.

Warm colors, yellow, red, and orange, are bold, uplifting and energetic. Yellow represents fun, positivity, and youth. This happy color works well for kids with its snazzy, bright appeal (ex: McDonald’s). Red instills energy and is great for impulse shoppers since it has a sense of urgency. Too much red however, can be a little intense (ex: Target). Orange is a fun and playful color. It’s cheerful in a way that’s a little bolder than yellow but slightly calmer than red. However too much orange can also be overwhelming (ex: MasterCard).

Cooler colors, blue and green, exude calmness and have a sense of reservation. Blue is a very secure color, giving a sense of calmness and security to people. It is also a color that represents loyalty and is used by brands to appeal to customers through trust. Too much blue can seem depressing or cold (think more along the lines of Ford, for example). Green is easy on the eye and a very calming color. It is also used to convey nature and health. Green also evokes a sense of wealth. It is a very popular color used in interior design an since it helps people feel at peace (ex: Starbucks).

As you can see, color is very important to branding and is something you should seriously consider for your custom plastic bags and packaging. Branding is especially important for industrial products that will be resold, such as household items used in home improvement and zip closure bags. With Rainbow Polybag as your plastic bag manufacturer, our custom printing is available no matter what your color specifications are. Full color process printing allows experienced plastic bag manufacturers to create stunning graphics that will set your custom plastic bags apart from others on the market. Your packaging is the first impression that consumers will get of your product, so contact us to make sure it’s a good one.