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Add Custom Plastic Bags to Your Hospital’s Budget

The end of the fiscal year has arrived in your hospital or medical facility. Now is the time that your team addresses what is needed for next year based off of last year’s performance. The memory if this past winter may still cause you to shiver- colds, flu, injuries, and busy waiting rooms. So before the colder months set in and your hospital’s budget is all tied up, set some important dollars aside to protect your patients and hospital staff with the right materials they need including medical custom plastic bags.

Whether your medial facility is a clinic, pharmacy or an ER, your top priority is to not only provide them with the best possible care but to also ensure that your staff remains healthy and safe in order to treat patients and keeps the workflow moving efficiently! Medical custom plastic bags are the perfect way to make sure both of these requirements are being met.

Patented Specimen Bags and Biohazard Bags

Our custom plastic bags for medical facilities include our patented design Specibag specimen bags– tested and approved to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Our bag’s added safety features include leak-proof seals, bright biohazard imagery, and our Pull N’ Seal closure which allows a quick and efficient closing system. These features are to eliminate any and all possible contamination during use and transport.

Added Hospital Workflow Efficiency

Our medical custom plastic bags, including the patented Specibag® Specimen Transport Bag, have been created with the busy hospital functions in mind. They are designed to allow for the adhesion of labels and/or the ability for the bags to be written on. With this added feature, it allows staff to clearly identify which lab specimens and results belong to which patient. As a plastic bag manufacturer, our experiences in developing medical custom plastic bags have given us the realization that not all medical bags are the same. Different medical facilities need different size and weight bags for tests, samples, and bio hazardous waste. These custom plastic bags make patient care more efficient and effective giving your staff the ability to quickly identify the pieces they need, ensuring that patients will get the care that they need faster.

We understand your medical facility’s priorities and that every dollar in next year’s budget has to be allocated in a way that improves efficiency for everyone. We hope that you see the quality of our medical custom plastic bags and how they can help you this coming season. If you are ready to discuss your facility’s needs, contact Rainbow Polybag: your plastic bag manufacturer.