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Add Custom Plastic Bags to Your Hospital’s Budget


The end of the fiscal year has arrived in your hospital or medical facility. Now is the time that your team addresses what is needed for next year based off of last year’s performance. The memory if this past winter may still cause you to shiver- colds, flu, injuries, and busy waiting rooms. So before… Continue Reading »

Why Quality Trumps Cost for Medical Plastic Bags

Keeping your hospital or medical facility running smoothly is a difficult task; not only do you have to balance the health, satisfaction, and safety of your patients but also your doctors, nurses and staff! Plus with tough economic conditions in the health care industry and tight budgets, purchasing decisions are under tight scrutiny. As a… Continue Reading »

Winter Injuries are No Problem Thanks to Medical Bags

Winter brings a multitude of problems. Dealing with the cold, snow and ice presents some potentially serious health risks and associated injuries. Hospitals and medical facilities everywhere are dealing with an influx of injuries that this season brings, from torn ligaments to broken bones, car accidents and even heart attacks. With all these patients coming… Continue Reading »

Custom Plastic Bags for Cold and Flu Season

The colder months are here, bringing with them cold and flu season. Your medical facility, whether it’s a clinic, pharmacy or ER, is now fuller than ever with patients. Not only do you want to provide the best possible care for these patients, you need to ensure that your staff remains healthy so they can… Continue Reading »

Safety is in the (Medical) Bags

In hospitals, emergency clinics, and other healthcare facilities, safety is a top priority. With patients fighting life-threatening and sometimes contagious diseases, high powered equipment and countless medications, the number of hazards that present themselves in these facilities is staggering. Each precaution that healthcare professionals can take is welcomed with open arms. But one area that… Continue Reading »