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Custom Plastic Bags for Cold and Flu Season

The colder months are here, bringing with them cold and flu season. Your medical facility, whether it’s a clinic, pharmacy or ER, is now fuller than ever with patients. Not only do you want to provide the best possible care for these patients, you need to ensure that your staff remains healthy so they can continue to treat them! Medical custom plastic bags help you achieve both of these goals this cold and flu season.

Improving Patient Care

Our medical custom plastic bags, including our patented Specibag® Specimen Transport Bag, are designed to allow for the adhesion of labels and/or the ability for the bags to be written on. This allows you to clearly identify which lab specimens and results belong to which patient. In addition, as experienced plastic bag manufacturers we recognize that not all medical bags are created equal. You need different size and weight bags for different tests, samples, and bio-waste. In order to make patient care efficient and effective, we create custom plastic bags for each purpose and label them accordingly. This allows your staff to quickly identify the pieces they need, ensuring that patients will get the care that they need faster.

Keeping Everyone Healthy

Our custom plastic bags for medical facilities include a number of safety features to keep your staff (and everyone else) healthy. From leak-proof seals and bright biohazard imagery to easy Pull N’ Seal closure, we seek to eliminate any and all possible contamination during use and transport.

Ready to boost safety and patient care this cold and flu season? Contact your plastic bag manufacturer to discuss your needs in medical custom plastic bags.