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Winter Injuries are No Problem Thanks to Medical Bags

Winter brings a multitude of problems. Dealing with the cold, snow and ice presents some potentially serious health risks and associated injuries. Hospitals and medical facilities everywhere are dealing with an influx of injuries that this season brings, from torn ligaments to broken bones, car accidents and even heart attacks. With all these patients coming and going quickly and in large numbers, making sure your hospital and medical staff are well prepared with the supplies they need is very important. Keep your staff well stocked with the materials and medical custom plastic bags they need.

With medical custom plastic bags, you can improve the quality and efficiency of your patient care. As an experienced plastic bag manufacturer, we have taken the needs of medical facilities in mind when creating our patented Specibag Specimen Transport Bag: the ultimate vessel for medical transport. When there are countless people rushing in and out of the hospital or your medical practice, the last thing you would want would be a possible scare of contamination. On top of that, your employees do not have to worry about transporting medical specimens or waste. These Specibags are specially designed to be the most efficient disposable transport packaging; they are liquid tight so there is no fear of breaking.

These Specibag Specimen Transport Bags also allow the use of adhesive labels and/or allow medical personnel write on the bag. In order to take care of each patient and have them examined properly according to their medical needs, your custom plastic bags need to be labeled accordingly. We have adjusted these Sepicbags to meet the needs of hospitals and their staff, which is why they also offer an additional requisition pocket to fit paperwork, so the appropriate documentation can be sent along with the specimen. As an experienced plastic bag manufacturer, we understand your medical facility may have the need for these types of medical custom plastic bags right away; therefore we have them stocked for immediate shipment. Or these bags can be customized with your facility or hospital’s name and/or logo.

If you have questions about how our medical custom plastic bags can make a difference for your hospital or medical facility, then contact your trusted plastic bag manufacturer. With over 30 years of experience, we are a leader in the flexible packaging industry. Let us work with you to meet your goals!