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Custom Plastic Bags and Free Samples

Not all things in life are free – that’s why people love free samples! So whether your business is coming out with a new product and trying to maximize reach, or introduce a product to a new market – either way, a successful launch is a must – and the first step to success is with custom plastic bags!

Getting customers to try new products can be tricky. You sometimes have to tiptoe around taking away sales from your own products while trying to steer them away from your competitors. Free samples can help increase the likelihood that after they try your product, they’ll love it and buy more! As your plastic bag manufacturer, we can help you with packaging for your free in store samples. Ask us about die cut plastic bags or patch handle bags to make them easy for your customers to carry.

Another way to spread the word about your products is by sending samples directly to your customers in the mail. A great technique to show customers, who already use your other products, the new items you are offering. We can supply you with Poly mailers, complete with branding, logos and other messaging, to send right to your customers’ doors. Ask your plastic bag manufacturer how to print your branding and other details about the new product directly on your poly mailers.

Detachable coupon bags offer the best of both worlds: both for in-store giveaways and direct mail samples. These are custom plastic bags that include a coupon along with a product sample giving the customer incentive to not only try the product, but to come back and make a purchase. Your plastic bag manufacturer can help you get started with a detachable coupon bag to help your company launch your new product towards success!