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Are The Specimen Bags You’re Using Hazardous To Your Health?

Specimen bags play a vital role in health care: they facilitate the safe containment and transport of biological materials for testing, protecting the specimen from environmental contamination and anyone who handles the specimen bag from exposure to potentially hazardous materials. Secure specimen bags are the first line of defense in infectious disease control within the… Continue Reading »

Tired of Having Your Shipping Schedule Messed Up By Factors Completely Beyond Your Control?

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The West Coast dock worker’s strike has come to an end – for now – and after weeks of delays, long awaited container ships can finally come in from sea and be unloaded; freeing – at last! – their precious contents to be shipped to companies all across the United States. It will likely take… Continue Reading »

Welcome Home, Manufacturers!

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We are so excited to see the wave of businesses bringing their manufacturing enterprises back home to American shores. The reshoring movement, while nowhere near significant enough to reverse decades of offshoring, is nonetheless more than just symbolically important. And there is a discernible trend in the numbers. Sixty-four U.S. businesses reshored in 2011. The… Continue Reading »