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Tired of Having Your Shipping Schedule Messed Up By Factors Completely Beyond Your Control?

The West Coast dock worker’s strike has come to an end – for now – and after weeks of delays, long awaited container ships can finally come in from sea and be unloaded; freeing – at last! – their precious contents to be shipped to companies all across the United States. It will likely take weeks, if not months, for things to get back to normal.

What does this mean if you’ve been waiting for your shipment of printed polybag mailers to arrive from China? It means you’ve got to wait just a while longer to get the essential supplies you need to keep your business running. Maybe your customers won’t mind if their products arrive late. Maybe your budget can continue absorbing the expensive hit as you desperately try to find a workaround replacement for your polybag makers.

Or maybe, just maybe, this needless, pointless, months- long interruption in your supply chain means that you’re ready to look for a more dependable, domestic supply of polybag mailers.

You did nothing to cause the West Coast dock worker’s strike. Labor conditions and pay rates out there on California shoreline are really not your department. So why do you wind up paying the price? It’s your business’ reputation (online and off!) that takes the hit when you’re slow to ship – or can’t ship at all – because all of your polybag mailers are stuck on a container ship somewhere in the Pacific.

This is going to happen again. And again. And again.

If the West Coast dock worker’s strike was a one-time occurrence that slowed your shipping down, costing you sales & imperiling your relationship with your customers, that would be bad enough. But it’s not a one and done deal here. Forbes Magazine reports that this kind of labor dispute and port shutdown occurs “almost like clockwork” every five years.

The West Coast port shutdown is only one of a number of factors that could delay international shipments from reaching you in a timely fashion. We’re living in particularly turbulent times, both in terms of geopolitical events and extreme weather. Everything needs to work perfectly for this complex international shipping system to work. If just one piece of the process is out of whack, your business winds up paying the price.

Enough’s enough. Choosing a domestic supplier of polybag mailers gives you a competitive advantage.

Rainbow Polybag is located right here in the United State. We’re in Brooklyn – and guess what? If you’re in the continental US too, you don’t need a container ship to get your polybags delivered to you from Brooklyn. The entire expensive, stress-inducing process of dealing with port shutdowns is completely eliminated. It’s no longer your concern. Your shipping department can run smoothly because you’ll always have the polybag mailers you need, when you need them.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Give us a call. We can help you make it happen. We’re the nation’s best provider of polybag mailers. Amazing custom printing, a full rainbow of color and ink options, and quality that you’ll love… all delivered regularly and reliably, to keep your business moving!