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Sloppy Spring Forecasts Make Product Protection Top Priority

There’s nearly 8 feet of snow in Massachusetts, while in Southern CA famously sunny Orange County, residents are dealing with freezing rain, sleet and hail. Spring is definitely coming in like a lion – and if your products are delivered to your customer’s mailbox, front porch, or exposed doorway, this is a big problem.

Polybag Mailers Protect Your Products From Bad Weather

Despite the fact that mail carriers from coast to coast are urging residential and commercial property owners to keep their mail boxes clear and free from snow and ice, the truth is that many, many packages are delivered into a receptacle that contains both. Snow and ice both melt; this moisture can easily soak through manila envelopes, cardboard shipping boxes, and other common mailers.

When a mailer gets soaked through, its integrity is compromised. The products inside – let’s say a book, perhaps, or some healthy and beauty products – are not generally improved by exposure to moisture. In fact, they can be ruined! This makes your customer unhappy & costs you money.

Our Polybag mailers solve this problem beautifully. It doesn’t matter how much snow, ice or slush is in your customer’s mailbox or on their porch: the polybag mailer keeps the moisture out and protects your products from winter’s wrath. A properly sealed polybag mailer can be dropped directly in a puddle and the contents will stay safe and dry. We’re talking about the ultimate protection for your products!

Custom Printed Polybag Mailers Build Your Brand Beautifully

When your customer gets home from work after a long day in the office, and they see a package sitting in a snowy mailbox or on a slushy porch, they may feel anxious or upset. After all, they don’t want the products they’ve paid for and have been expecting to arrive ruined!

If you’ve chosen a Rainbow Polybag mailer, your customer will be pleasantly surprised to find that the contents of that mailer have arrived safe, dry, and in pristine condition. You’ve demonstrated that you truly care about your customer by choosing packaging that can stand up to the elements.

Make the good feeling last by choosing custom printed polybag mailers. Available in a full rainbow of color options, you can have your bag designed to reflect your brand identity in a memorable way. Make it easy for your customers to recognize how awesome you are – no matter how frightful the weather may be!