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Process, Transparency, Integrity

One of the most important qualities of U.S.-based businesses like ours is transparency.

It’s so vital to know what to expect, all throughout the bag ordering, manufacturing, and delivery process.

There are so many tales of businesses getting too-good-to-believe deals with foreign manufacturers, only to realize, in the fullness of time, that, yes, it was not possible to deliver that order at that price on the specified date. Even if a person is lucky enough to get the order as agreed upon once or twice, it’s the time when it doesn’t come anywhere near on time that can deliver a body blow to a business.

The risks are real.

Instead, with Rainbow Polybag, what you see is what you get. When it comes to repeat orders, just to cite one example, our lead-time is usually four weeks. On new or repeat printed orders that include design changes, lead-time is generally four weeks after receipt of the approved proof.

Can we do rush service? You bet we can! Call us to find out more about it!

For all new printed orders, PDF proofs will be sent to you to check text, size, print location, and color – basically everything. Your order will not be manufacturered and lead-time will not begin until an approved proof is signed.

That’s the best way to maximize communication, efficiency, and, finally, timeliness of delivery of your order.

When it comes to bag colors, we have plenty to offer:

clear-frosted white black gray ivory buff yellow orange
red baby blue royal blue baby pink hot pink dark green silver metallic

Silver poly sometimes has a distinct odor, so customers should be advised accordingly. See what we mean when we said we prize transparency?

We are real people committed to serving other real people. This is how it used to be before so much manufacturing got offshored. Transparency is just one byproduct of the reshoring movement that we’re so proud to be part of! We’re not going anywhere!

As for ink colors, any non-metallic PMS color is available on white film at no extra charge. For specialty ink and metallic inks, give us a call for a quote. It’s worth noting that film and ink combinations such as light inks on dark films can create a different ink color. We recommend contacting us for an ink draw down that will more correctly depict the result of your ink and film combination.

We want to thank you for reading our blog, and for doing business with Rainbow Polybag, a proud Brooklyn-based business.