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Thoughts on Reshoring, and Why It’s a Good Thing

There’s a new buzzword in business circles: reshoring. Simply put, the word refers to a trend among American manufacturers to bring their operations from foreign shores back home.

For a lot of folks, just hearing that the trend exists in the first place is cause for rejoicing and an understandable level of relief. It has been hard on Americans to watch so many manufacturing jobs go overseas, and it has been hard on the U.S. economy in many ways. Seeing some of those jobs come home feels good, for all of us. It’s our hope that the reshoring movement will continue, and grow.

Among the forms of good news that reshoring represents are the ripple effects that stem from it. Here are just a few ways that reshoring helps beyond the specific business coming home:

  1. Supplies – Businesses on U.S. soil need everything from office supplies to toilet paper to telephone systems to raw materials, and they depend on fellow U.S. businesses to get them those things.
  2. Services – Businesses on U.S. soil require services, from cleaning to IT to insurance, and they obtain those services from, you guessed it, other U.S. businesses when they’re manufacturing here at home.
  3. Economic growth – Businesses that hire U.S. workers to do their manufacturing on U.S. soil put money in those workers’ wallets, money that gets spent in the local and the national economy. It’s like stepping on the economic accelerator.

Rainbow Polybag, which has been a U.S.-based plastic bag manufacturer for more than 30 years, is in the supplying part of the puzzle. If you’re a snack or clothing manufacturer, for instance, that has decided to bring your manufacturing back to our great country, then you’re going to need custom plastic bags to protect those U.S.-made products. We’ll get you the plastic bags and polymailers that you need, when you need them, and as discussed.

Because we’re on U.S. shores, we are far more nimble and responsive than a foreign supplier can ever hope to be.

Plus, you’re not going to run into quality issues with Rainbow Polybags. You’re just not. Do all foreign-made plastic bags have problems? No, they don’t. But do some? Absolutely! Is it always predictable when the bags will be right and when they won’t? Not at all! As all of our past and present customers can attest, the quality of our custom plastic bags and polymalers is one thing that Rainbow Polybag does best. And they’ll also all attest that service is another of our areas of greatest strength.

We’re thrilled about reshoring, as Americans, and as businesspeople. And we’re thrilled to be supporting the movement with quality products, at great prices, backed by the kind of service that we pride ourselves in giving. Thanks for reading!