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Incentivizing Product Sales with Samples

The popularity of online shopping has skyrocketed and it has never been easier to find exactly what you’re looking for at a reasonable price. But what if a customer is trying to decide whether to purchase a new product or brand and isn’t sure if it suits their needs? Perhaps a new line is being… Continue Reading »

Reduce Shipping Cost and Provide More Protection for Your E-Commerce Product

E-Commerce Icon

Shipping items sold on an e-commerce site has always required a nuanced approach. The savvy seller wants to provide fast first-class packaging while avoiding a high shipping cost that might deter potential customers. Removing the weight of the shipping materials is one way to achieve this goal. Poly mailers are very light and have the… Continue Reading »

Swag That Makes It Home: Tradeshow Promotional Materials That Work

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Convention centers use especially large trash cans. They’re positioned strategically near exits for a simple reason: attendees have no scruples about throwing away the vast majority of the catalogs, brochures, and other promotional materials they eagerly scooped up during the show. Industry estimates have the percentage of tossed swag as high as 90% – so… Continue Reading »

Make Your Special Sales Events Memorable With Custom Promotional Polybags

Polybag with Sale Printed on the Front

Throughout the year, savvy retailers hold special sales events to generate customer excitement and drive traffic into the store. For best results, these special events need to be strongly branded, with a distinct visual identity that captures customer attention everywhere they encounter it: on your store’s website and social media, on signage, in advertising, and… Continue Reading »

Custom Polybags Can Increase Customer Satisfaction by Value Add. Here’s How.

Customers happy with custom polybag

Smart companies are always looking for ways to strengthen the relationship they have with their existing customers. The cost of customer acquisition is high, whereas selling more to customers who already know and value your business is more profitable. For this reason, business leaders are continually looking for ways to offer their customers more. Custom… Continue Reading »

Surging Recycling Rates Make Poly Mailers an Even Greener Shipping Option

After decades of efforts from environmental activists and waste management companies, Americans are now recycling more than ever. During the 2015 Plastics Conference, it was reported  that in 2013, plastic film recycling grew at an impressive rate of 11%, resulting in 1.14 billon pounds of material being reused and kept out of the landfill. Plastic… Continue Reading »