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Runway-Ready Packaging

Whether it’s fun and funky or classic and sophisticated, the way people express themselves is through their clothes. But how do they know that your apparel products are perfect for them if they are just sitting on a shelf or hanging in a store in a plain, boring plastic bag? Where’s the style? What’s drawing your consumers to your product? Just like how apparel is an extension of their personality, your packaging is an extension of your brand’s personality! Now is the time to make the most of your apparel product’s shelf presence with custom plastic bags.

Your apparel products don’t have to be worn down the catwalk at an international Fashion Week to attract attention. The retail shelves are similar to a fashion show- all your products are on display with competitor’s products nearby. Elements of your custom plastic bags can enhance your products presence right away. Our apparel custom plastic bags offer options for peek-through clear panels so you can feature a specific product attribute like color or texture. Open areas and re-closeable seals allow your customers to see your product up close, and even try it on, before they buy. This closer interaction with your product only draws them in.

Don’t forget about your branding; with custom plastic bags you can make your packaging completely unique. Our apparel bags allow for you to add your logo and unique messaging as well colors and eye catching graphics. There are many design options to choose from so you can be sure what you want your customers to see from you, they can find it.

As a plastic bag manufacturer, we make sure our custom plastic bags and apparel bags provide both form and function. If you order wickets and grommets, you can be sure the bag can withstand being hung and displayed without ripping or other damage. Contact us and we can discuss the best solution for your apparel bags. Then you’ll be ready for the retail store catwalk!