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Lego Shows Custom Polybags Are A Smart Way To Build Your Brand

There’s a new Jurassic Park movie coming out this summer, and the buzz-generating machinery is already engaged. Prepare yourself for all kinds of dinosaur themed promotions appearing in fast food restaurants, theme parks and toy stores near you. One of our favorites, from the amazing Lego team, uses a custom printed polybag as a key packaging element.

Lego is releasing a new game just in time to coordinate with the new film’s release. As we all know, Lego collectors are a loyal and fanatical bunch of toy buyers. Lego is appealing to this audience with the use of a custom polybag that contains a mini-toy set; there are 29 pieces fans can use to build a Gallimimus Trap. If you’re not sure what a Gallimimus is, ask any 6 year old in the throes of Jurassic fever – they’ll be able to fill you in on all the dino-details.

There are several reasons why promotional polybag packaging works in this situation. The first is cost effectiveness; choosing custom polybags is a more affordable option on several levels. They’re cheaper to manufacture, lighter to ship, and require less storage space for an equal amount of product than other packaging options – printed boxes for example. Additionally, promotional polybags are incredibly durable: they don’t rip as easily as cardboard boxes or paper envelope packaging, are moisture resistant, and can stand up to enthusiastic handling by even the most excited Jurassic Park fan. The vibrant color printing on Lego’s custom polybags helps spread awareness of the Jurassic Park film and the Lego brand effectively: even if a passerby only glances at the package, it’s immediately apparent what’s going on.

The appeal of promotional polybag packaging is bigger than Jurassic Park. Think about how you can incorporate this powerful packaging choice into your next campaign!