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It’s Hip to Recycle Plastic

More and more people are finding new ways to recycle plastic. From moms to corporate visionaries to municipalities and a whole bunch of small business owners, people are really getting how cool it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Some of the people blazing a green trail when it comes to recycling plastic are television personalities. One of those is Duff Goldman, star of the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes show and owner of Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes.

Duff even made this cool video to show people how to recycle commonly used plastic containers in the kitchen. Way to go, Duff!

The plastics recycling craze is doing awesome on social media, too. Recycle Your Plastics’ Facebook page is one good example. One post on the page asks, “Have you recycled your yogurt cup today?”

Members of the public are encouraged to share the Recycle Your Plastics Facebook page to be entered in a drawing for an Amazon gift card. The main idea is that recycling plastics is becoming not only responsible but fun. That’s great stuff!

Lowe’s stores, those giant box retail venues for home improvers, have added recycling stations for plastic plant trays, pots, and tags.

The city of Louisville has installed solar-powered plastic compactors as part of its plastics recycling program, and they look awesome.

And everything from cereal packages to egg cartons is being made with increasing amounts of recycled plastic content. When it comes to plastics recycling, the trend is indeed your friend!

If you’ve brought a child to the playground recently, chances are that the playscape included recycled plastic materials as well.

Increasingly, recycled plastic has been used for clothing materials as well, everything from shirts to shoes to belts to snowboard jackets. None of this would be truly sustainable, by the way, if the materials being generated from recycled plastic weren’t top quality. But new extrusion and milling techniques allow the recycled fibers to become part of some of the highest quality fabrics ever produced. Rainbow Polybag takes part in this by using green practices into every step of production. Beginning by using recycled resins in our polybags, to the proper recycling of printing inks, solvents, scrap plastics and other materials, we aim to be a green plastic bag manufacturer.

The uses for recycled plastic are really only limited by human imagination, and those limits are being torn off by the month. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of the plastic revolution and Rainbow Polybag is happy to be your plastic bag manufacturer involved in this event! Thanks for reading!