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A Hidden Partner in So Many Businesses

At Rainbow Polybag, we are proud to see our products make a difference with a welter of other shipping-based businesses, including eBay and Amazon.

Consider our polybag and custom plastic clothing bags, which we manufacture and sell quantities of. Not all that long ago, if you wanted to purchase clothing through the mail or another shipping service, you had several options, not one of which rivaled our best polybag mailers.

You had these as your options:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper envelopes with bubble insulation
  • Manila envelopes

And that was about it!

The fact that these choices were clumsy, expensive, fuel-wasting (because of their weight) is one reason that online retailers didn’t quite take off. Now, the majority of online clothing retailers use poly mailers, including ones made by Rainbow Polybag. The clothing gets there dry, undamaged, and easily, and getting it in the mailers is simple, too.

Medical businesses dealing with medications and other medical items that need to be transported love our plastic medical bags, too, and they’ll tell you they owe a portion of their success to the high-quality products that we make with them in mind.

The same goes for the many food manufacturers who demand world-class polybags in which to place their products. Have you ever stopped to consider just how much of the food you eat personally got to you in a polybag? We did! And so did the company that sold that bread, those frozen berries, or those potatoes!

The many companies that need their products to be secure from view and tampering are especially grateful to us for helping to make their bottom line strong and their customers’ stress non-existent. Properly manufactured security bags – whether they’re used for sending cash, currency, or documents – are another way that the U.S. economy is made to hum through the smart use of plastic.

All of these are ways that we are proud to serve the public, our country, and above all, our customers! As a plastic bag manufacturer, we live to make the world a better place with the best polybags you can buy!