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Food Manufacturers: Maximize Your Market Appeal with Our Custom Food Bags

There are 43,844 different food items in the typical grocery store, and every single one of them is competing against your company for the customer’s dollar. How are you going to stand out in that crowded environment? Making good packaging decisions can help your product make the leap from shelf to cart.

Polybags For Frozen Foods, Breads, Snacks, Ice and More!

Ice is ice is ice is ice, right? Wrong! There’s no such thing as a commodity product anymore: branding matters in every food category, from avocados to zucchini. Customers have demonstrated, time and again, that when they’re given a choice to purchase ice in a generic plastic bag with minimal information and a polybag that’s been custom printed with a company’s name, logo, and an appealing graphic, they’ll choose the custom printed bag. Good packaging design can lead people to pay more for products as well – there’s a higher perceived value associated with how your food product is packaged and presented.

Choosing the right printed food bags and you’ll sell more products; potentially at higher prices!

Rainbow Polybag is Your One Stop Shop for Food Packaging

At Rainbow Polybag, we do it all. Our team produces and prints roll stock packaging. We can convert this roll stock into custom food bags for you, or ship the rolled stock directly to your food processor. Our quality is top notch, providing your food protection throughout the shipping, in-store display, and customer selection process. We’ll work with you to select the most appropriate type of polybag for your food, including freezer bags, transparent food bags, opaque food bags, and more.

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