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Dual Security Bags: Improved Chain of Custody = Increased Justice

Technological advances, particularly in the development of secure polybags and barcode scanning, have had a positive impact on how the NYPD handles evidence collected during criminal investigations.

According to this news report from PIX 11, these procedural changes have helped people falsely accused of rape prove their innocence. Sadly, innocent people have spent many years – in some cases, decades – behind bars when they didn’t deserve to be there at all.

Going forward, the innovative features of dual security bags will help law enforcement enjoy a greater level of efficiency and accountability related to the evidentiary chain of custody.  Previously, evidence was kept in paper bags, with paper invoices detailing the contents stapled on. These bags needed to be retained for at least 75% of a convicted suspect’s jail sentence; a period of time which could easily exceed 30 years.

Paper has proven to be far from the ideal storage mechanism. Paper bags are easily compromised; the paper breaks down and tears more easily with the passage of time, stapled on invoices can be lost, and there’s no inherent tracking system involved, opening the door to accidental or deliberate evidence loss.

Dual security bags are a superior choice in many ways. The specially blended thick poly film and tamper proof adhesive frustrate efforts to access evidence covertly. Polybags do not deteriorate over time the way paper does; they are also not vulnerable to moisture damage the same way paper bags are. An integrated barcode system means package contents and location can be tracked in real time throughout the entire period the evidence is required to be retained.

Having the right tools in place, such as plastic dual security bags for evidence, is an essential aspect of improving our justice system for everyone. Crime victims will no longer have to worry about the evidence associated with their case mysteriously disappearing or being compromised in such a fashion that justice can’t be served. Our chronically overtaxed criminal courts will experience less wasted time searching for evidence logged via old-school, inefficient paper record keeping. Defendants will be able to have their guilt or innocence determined more quickly.  Everybody benefits when local law enforcement chooses durable, tamper proof, made in the USA dual security bags for evidence.