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Polybag Safe Delivery

Delivery Is One Thing; Safe Delivery Is Another

The U.S. Postal Service motto famously states that “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” prevents carriers from delivering the country’s mail.

And, for the most part, mail carriers live up to the creed. Even in the parts of the country that really wallop them with nasty weather, year after year, postal service delivery people get the job done.

And good for them for doing something challenging in difficult circumstances. That said, carrying important letters and other mailed items through the elements is a sure-fire way to damage many of them.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much waste plastic mailers prevent each year in the United States? It is a staggering sum.

But, while mail carriers continue the old tradition of all-weather service, the other tradition – the one of soggy letters, ruined checks, damaged gifts, and ruined medications – has gone by the wayside, thanks to the exact sorts of plastic mailers that Rainbow Polybag manufacturers every day.

The significance of these mailers can’t be overstated. In case you hadn’t noticed: home delivery by not only the U.S. Postal Service but also U.P.S. and a bevy of package delivery companies has become more and more central to the smooth working, and growth, of the U.S. economy.

People send stuff in our great country! They order stuff, too – lots of it! And what they order is frequently extremely significant to them. That’s why we make it our business to manufacture the highest quality plastic mailers available anywhere in the world.

We know that our customers don’t want to lose any of their customers to even a single damaged item. And that is precisely the peace of mind they buy when they buy Rainbow Polybag world-beating plastic mailers.

They’re money! And they will save you, and make you, money, too.

We have a wide variety of stock envelopes and routinely handle custom orders. So, give us a call, or drop us a line, and let us show you how competitive, and how service-oriented, our business is! We’ve got the polybags you need, at the prices that will make you smile. Thanks for reading.