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Don’t Put Me in a Box!

Came across an article last week that discussed how packaging is a key part of targeting new audiences and demographics for mature products. It inspired us to write a little something for today on how your product and custom plastic bags help your business reach new audiences.

When it comes to reaching out to a new type of audience, the packaging can sometimes make all the difference. Let’s consider a few examples: U by Kotex uses their packaging to revitalize a rather unexciting product category. Hand-in-hand with their branding, they move away from the demur messaging and soft pastels to use bolder languages and brighter graphics, attracting a younger generation of consumers. The product is basically the same as the competition- it’s the brand and packaging that makes a difference.

The skin care industry is another example of how products are not necessarily for women only. Dove is a brand that took skin and hair care, as well as shaving products and turned out several lines of products for men. Their gray packaging and masculine messaging has really shifted the view of what was considered feminine “beauty products.”

So what can you do with your custom plastic bags and products to reach a new target market? First thing to do is to think outside your current scope. Do some research- are there other people that use this product that you may not have a specific message and package for? Is there potential in that space? Think about your custom plastic bags– be creative with the design and messaging. We have lots of different colors and labeling options to choose from, plus various add-ons to make sure your product stands out on the shelf. And finally, contact your plastic bag manufacturer. We have over 30 years of experience as a plastic bag manufacturer– we can give you a few tips on how to get a packaging solution that works for you.