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Can Your Polybag Packaging Make You Money?

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve probably noticed a strange new trend: people are taking pictures of their Amazon delivery boxes. But there’s a reason: for the first time ever, Amazon is not delivering products encased in their familiar plain brown cardboard boxes. Instead, Amazon boxes are currently featuring the bright yellow smiling faces of the Minions, the stars of an upcoming summer film.

The creative marketing ploy is making headlines for two reasons. First, it’s the first time in Amazon’s 21 year history that the mega-retailer has altered its packaging. Second, the move is being lauded as a smart financial move for Amazon. Monetizing its packaging by regarding it as an advertising platform creates a new revenue stream for the company, potentially worth many millions of dollars.

This monetization concept is one that can be successfully scaled down. The monetization opportunity being capitalized on by Amazon is one that smaller companies can also explore. Polybag packaging presents an ideal medium for this type of advertising: Polybags are fully customizable, come in a full rainbow of colors, and can be printed with compelling imagery, text, and offers.  Making space available in your package design for advertisers can help enhance your company’s revenue.

Amazon has chosen to embrace advertising for an industry where they don’t have a dominant presence. Smaller companies may find greater success reaching out to firms that offer complementary, rather than competing products. For example, an apparel company may provide advertising support to an accessories or footwear company; a food brand’s polybag packaging may be the ideal vehicle for advertising cookware.

It’s time to think about polybag packaging differently.  Not only are polybag mailers the best, most cost-effective way to protect your products from tampering and moisture, they may also make you money!