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Make Your Special Sales Events Memorable With Custom Promotional Polybags

Polybag with Sale Printed on the Front

Throughout the year, savvy retailers hold special sales events to generate customer excitement and drive traffic into the store. For best results, these special events need to be strongly branded, with a distinct visual identity that captures customer attention everywhere they encounter it: on your store’s website and social media, on signage, in advertising, and… Continue Reading »

Lego Shows Custom Polybags Are A Smart Way To Build Your Brand

There’s a new Jurassic Park movie coming out this summer, and the buzz-generating machinery is already engaged. Prepare yourself for all kinds of dinosaur themed promotions appearing in fast food restaurants, theme parks and toy stores near you. One of our favorites, from the amazing Lego team, uses a custom printed polybag as a key… Continue Reading »

Drive Holiday Sales with Custom Printed Promotional Polybags

The holiday sales period is so important to retailers. People are out doing more shopping between Halloween and New Year’s Eve than they do at any other time of year: according to the National Retail Federation,  a specialty retailer can make as much as 28% of their sales during this period. It’s for this reason… Continue Reading »