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Polybag with Sale Printed on the Front

Make Your Special Sales Events Memorable With Custom Promotional Polybags

Throughout the year, savvy retailers hold special sales events to generate customer excitement and drive traffic into the store. For best results, these special events need to be strongly branded, with a distinct visual identity that captures customer attention everywhere they encounter it: on your store’s website and social media, on signage, in advertising, and on the promotional bags used during the sales event.

Whether your store is located in a shopping center, strip mall, or is a free standing destination location, promotional bags play a pivotal role in spreading the word about your sales event. Promotional polybags are available in a full rainbow of colors and can be custom printed with eye catching graphics. Many retailers choose to use promotional polybags that are very visually distinctive from their usual branding during special sales events. This helps them stand out to customers walking through the shopping center, parking lot, or even neighborhood.

To maximize customer interest in the sales event, make sure your promotional polybags reflect both your store’s logo and the imagery you’re using for the special event. A surprisingly effective technique is to design a promotional bag with your store’s colors and the word SALE printed in a large, eye catching font. If you’re focusing on a particular line of merchandise during the sales event, consider using images of those items as part of your bag design. In some cases, your vendor may even make co-op advertising dollars available to pay for promotional polybag printing talk to your rep about it and remember it never hurts to ask!