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Keep Your Food Packaging Fresh

It’s imperative for custom plastic bags and food product packaging to uphold several standards. You have to be sure your products are packaged to preserve freshness. Second, these products are an extension of your brand; therefore the packaging has to have the proper messaging and design to engage your customers. Finally, your food packaging has… Continue Reading »

Don’t Let It Rain on My Mailings

If you are sending important mailings to customers or important persons of any type, avoid the embarrassment and cost of ruined parcels due to the unpredictable spring weather. Poly Mailers are custom designed to protect your important parcels from the elements (and human error too). These plastic envelopes are stronger than traditional paper envelopes and lighter than… Continue Reading »

Plastic Bag Manufacturer Showing Support for Sustainability

So when you or your business is looking to order packaging materials or wholesale plastic bags, what characteristics do you consider- price? Quality of materials? Colors and customizable features? What about environmental impact? Choose a plastic bag manufacturer that satisfies beyond your short term needs and looks to improve our planet with environmentally sustainable business… Continue Reading »

Runway-Ready Packaging

Whether it’s fun and funky or classic and sophisticated, the way people express themselves is through their clothes. But how do they know that your apparel products are perfect for them if they are just sitting on a shelf or hanging in a store in a plain, boring plastic bag? Where’s the style? What’s drawing… Continue Reading »