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Keep Your Food Packaging Fresh

It’s imperative for custom plastic bags and food product packaging to uphold several standards. You have to be sure your products are packaged to preserve freshness. Second, these products are an extension of your brand; therefore the packaging has to have the proper messaging and design to engage your customers. Finally, your food packaging has to meet the Food and Drug Administration’s standards for consumption. How are you going to be sure your packaging can live up to these three? Use custom plastic food bags.

Firstly, as a plastic bag manufacturer, Rainbow Polybag produces a number of high quality food grade plastic bags. We specialize in printed Roll Stock and custom plastic bags. We use Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) film in our custom plastic bags which provide a great deal of strength as well as clarity. This OPP also controls moisture, prevents spoilage, and preserves the freshness and flavor of your food products. Commonly used for snack cakes and cookies for example, this material is ideal to preserve and present your food products.

Second, our custom plastic food bags can help your food product stand out on supermarket shelf with customizable branding and package messaging. Not only should your package preserve your products taste, but also keep your brand and messaging fresh! Add the colors, labels, and promotions you want for your product. As an experienced plastic bag manufacturer, we will provide the best packaging products to support your branding and marketing.

Finally, our custom plastic bags for food products allow nutritional information to be printed directly on the roll stock for convenient and efficient packaging. Not only should your brand stand out with punchy packaging, but nutritional facts and other information must be displayed on your food packaging for the safety of the consumer. All of the materials used in Rainbow Polybag’s food bags are FDA approved. Kosher approved food bags are also available upon request.

Learn more about the benefits of working with an experienced plastic bag manufacturer to create custom plastic bags for your food products and contact us to get started!