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Add Custom Plastic Bags to Your Hospital’s Budget


The end of the fiscal year has arrived in your hospital or medical facility. Now is the time that your team addresses what is needed for next year based off of last year’s performance. The memory if this past winter may still cause you to shiver- colds, flu, injuries, and busy waiting rooms. So before… Continue Reading »

An Ally in Your Packaging Strategy

Just like your business, packaging strategy never stands still; it is always moving, improving, and changing. Developing the right packaging and custom plastic bags for your business is more like a cycle than a process; there always comes a point where your packaging can be modified or improved. Here’s how we can help as your… Continue Reading »

What do New Nutrition Labels Mean for Food Grade Plastic Bags?

The first overhaul to Nutrition Labels in two decades are expected to hit shelves- so what do you know about these changes and what does it mean for your food grade custom plastic bags? According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the proposed update to Nutrition Labels is meant “to reflect new public health and scientific… Continue Reading »

Fun with Fundamentals of Packaging

As you may know, packaging can be broken down into three fundamental elements which, when you combine them, help your packaging achieve its desired goals. The three fundamental functions are: protection, convenience, and communication. Here we breakdown all three and show how your plastic bag manufacturer, Rainbow Polybag, can help. Protection: Your product may require protection from… Continue Reading »