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Looking at Plastic with Clear Eyes

recycling bin

It’s cool to hate plastic. Do a quick Google search for “evils of plastic” and you’ll get more hits than you can peruse in 20 lifetimes. But there’s a change afoot. Some very cool people have realized that plastic is helping to improve the environment. These people aren’t necessarily cool in the sense of the… Continue Reading »

Think Outside the Cardboard Box

As a plastic bag manufacturer for over 30 years, we understand how difficult packaging can be. How are businesses supposed to keep up with consumer trends, industry trends and environmental trends, while keeping their products and packages on shelves? Developing the right strategy and strong packaging design requires creativity, a clever mind, and out of the… Continue Reading »

What do New Nutrition Labels Mean for Food Grade Plastic Bags?

The first overhaul to Nutrition Labels in two decades are expected to hit shelves- so what do you know about these changes and what does it mean for your food grade custom plastic bags? According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the proposed update to Nutrition Labels is meant “to reflect new public health and scientific… Continue Reading »