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Reshoring Every Link in the Supply Chain: Because Made in America Matters

Reshoring and polybags

The Buy American movement has steadily been building momentum – and not necessarily where you might expect it to be taking it hold. More and more consumers right here in the United States are choosing domestically produced products, in part because they know doing so helps our country and our economy. 80% of Americans report… Continue Reading »

Process, Transparency, Integrity


One of the most important qualities of U.S.-based businesses like ours is transparency. It’s so vital to know what to expect, all throughout the bag ordering, manufacturing, and delivery process. There are so many tales of businesses getting too-good-to-believe deals with foreign manufacturers, only to realize, in the fullness of time, that, yes, it was… Continue Reading »

A Plastic Bag Manufacturer You Can Count On

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Custom plastic bags are important. We service companies across countless industries and no matter what business sector they are in, our customers agree that custom plastic bags are an integral part of their business – whether it’s for marketing, consumer safety, or corporate communication. If it’s so important, why do companies still insist on going to a… Continue Reading »