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food bags

Moments of Clarity

Transparency has become a more popular trend with food manufactures and consumers. There’s a special appeal about being able to see what you are about to purchase and consume. Some new research featured in the Wall Street Journal discusses how this transparent trend has led to some serious advantages in terms of sales dollars.

Clear and see-through panels have been praised during testing by consumers, saying that the food looks and even tastes better. On top of that, this type of packaging increases the “feeling of freshness” as well as enhance natural ingredients. Consider Simply Orange juice for example; their messaging of simple ingredients and a see-through bottle brought a clear message to consumers (on top of deteriorating sales for Tropicana Orange Juice).

The placement of the clear panels should also be considered strategically. If your product is going to go through a rough shipping process, or there are less appealing portions of your product, of course you have the option to hide it! A small, clear window can be the perfect window to see your product without displaying all the rough edges.

The construction of custom plastic bags can most certainly affect how customers interact with your product. Be sure to disclose your goals with your plastic bag manufacturer so we can determine any additional functional features. The makeup of your packaging determines how consumers make a first impression on your product. Contact us to see how our custom plastic bags with transparent panels can help provide your customers clarity and open a whole new window of opportunities.