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Custom Plastic Bags For Snacking Consumers

Two trends are emerging in snack products these days green packaging and single serving sizes. Working with an experienced plastic bag manufacturer allows you to develop custom plastic bags that address both concerns!

Snacking Gone Green

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the environment and how the packaging for the products they purchase impact their carbon footprints. They are now actively studying packages for signs that they are recyclable. Both of these options are available from plastic bag manufacturer Rainbow Polybag.

But don’t just add the recycling symbol to your custom plastic bags, take them to the next level. As an environmentally responsible plastic bag manufacturer, Rainbow Polybag takes every possible measure to reduce our carbon footprint. We use  recyclable resins, recycle our printing inks and solvents used in the manufacturing process, participate in an energy conservation program and more. Include all of these details directly on your custom plastic bags to inform your customers on how you have taken extra steps to go green with your snack packaging.

Snackable Sizes

Health and wellness have also become more important in recent years, with consumers paying more attention to nutritional information and serving sizes. Make it easier for these consumers to stick to their health goals by creating custom plastic bags according to serving sizes.

Portion controlled custom plastic bags have three major benefits. First, as mentioned above, they help customers stick to suggested serving sizes and prevent over eating. Second, they offer convenience and time savings for consumers, making eating a healthy diet easy. Third, they prevent snacks from spoiling or going stale, thereby reducing waste.

Are you ready to make your custom plastic bags more snackableContact plastic bag manufacturer Rainbow Polybag today. Well help you create the perfect packaging for your snack products to keep your customers coming back week after week.