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Looking at Plastic with Clear Eyes

recycling bin

It’s cool to hate plastic. Do a quick Google search for “evils of plastic” and you’ll get more hits than you can peruse in 20 lifetimes. But there’s a change afoot. Some very cool people have realized that plastic is helping to improve the environment. These people aren’t necessarily cool in the sense of the… Continue Reading »

Golden Age of Plastics

gold blocks

When you work in the field of plastics, as those of us at Rainbow Polybag has for so many years, sometimes you lose track of the fact that you are living in a Golden Age for plastic materials. As plastics get used for an increasingly large percentage of transportation sector components (in automobiles, trucks, trains,… Continue Reading »

Reshoring Every Link in the Supply Chain: Because Made in America Matters

Reshoring and polybags

The Buy American movement has steadily been building momentum – and not necessarily where you might expect it to be taking it hold. More and more consumers right here in the United States are choosing domestically produced products, in part because they know doing so helps our country and our economy. 80% of Americans report… Continue Reading »

Delivery Is One Thing; Safe Delivery Is Another

Polybag Safe Delivery

The U.S. Postal Service motto famously states that “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” prevents carriers from delivering the country’s mail. And, for the most part, mail carriers live up to the creed. Even in the parts of the country that really wallop them with nasty weather, year after year, postal… Continue Reading »