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Save Money & Improve Shipment Security By Choosing Poly Mailers

Businesses that ship their products directly to their customers through the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or other freight carrier have a tough choice to make: what’s the best way to package their products? Generally, you have three choices. You can use paper envelopes, cardboard boxes or poly mailers. Our purpose in this article is to determine which choice is best, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and in protecting your merchandise from damage and loss.

Paper envelopes are, in fact, quite cheap. However, this is one case where you definitely get what you pay for in terms of quality. Paper mailers have proven time and again not to be robust enough to stand up to the rigors of shipping; they often tear and are extremely vulnerable to being damaged by moisture. If a delivery person drops a paper envelope containing your merchandise in a puddle, there’s a better than good chance the product inside will be ruined. Additionally, paper envelopes provide no security: they’re not tamper proof, and it’s easy for a person who’s up to no good to quickly rip them open.

Cardboard boxes are expensive in many ways. The upfront cost of procurement is often markedly higher than either paper envelopes or poly mailers; additionally, there are hidden costs associated with using cardboard boxes. Labor costs are incurred in constructing the boxes; you need packing tape to secure the boxes, and boxes require significant amounts of storage space. Cardboard boxes are more robust than paper envelopes, which means they offer slightly more protection to your merchandise. However, they are still vulnerable to water damage.

Poly mailers are not as cheap as paper envelopes but they are more affordable than cardboard boxes. Poly mailers are available in a variety of colors and can be custom printed to incorporate your company’s branding.  They have the advantage of being amazingly robust: tamper proof poly mailers resist tearing and provide absolute protection against moisture. Poly mailers offer superior product protection while remaining a cost-effective packaging solution.

Now that you know the facts, which packaging solution are you going to choose for your business?