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For Shipping Clothing, Poly Mailers Are Much Better Than Paper

Poly mailers are the packaging solution of choice for apparel and soft goods retailers. The tough, durable nature of poly mailers protect clothing and accessories from the rigors of shipping far better than paper envelopes – there’s no worry about tears or moisture damage.

In fact, Patagonia, the top clothing brand, in an internal case study published online found that paper mailers were wholly insufficient to their packaging needs.  Here’s a quote from that report:

Do not use paper mailers. We found that the two types of paper mailers we tested were barely strong enough to survive the journey through the DC. We expect that they will not consistently reach customers unharmed.

Obviously, your customers will not be happy if the clothing they’ve ordered from you arrive at their home in a ripped up envelope. When paper envelopes fail, the products inside are exposed to dirt, grime, grease and more. They’re vulnerable to being torn, snagged, or otherwise damaged.  Products can even be lost or stolen, meaning your customer never gets their expected delivery – bad news for your brand!

A durable poly mailer, on the other hand, inspires confidence. Because poly mailers are very difficult to tear, your products are safely protected inside. There’s no danger of staining, tears, or other damage.  This makes your customers happy.

In reading Patagonia’s case study, you’ll see that a small minority of their customer base had expressed concerns about the environmental impact of using poly mailers. However, due to the superior product protection poly mailers offer, significant waste reduction in terms of spoiled product offset that concern. Also good to know:  Today’s poly mailers are environmentally friendly and made in the USA.

To find out more about why poly mailers are the best packaging solution for your apparel business, read this or drop us a line. We’re happy to answer all of your questions!