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Incentivizing Product Sales with Samples

The popularity of online shopping has skyrocketed and it has never been easier to find exactly what you’re looking for at a reasonable price. But what if a customer is trying to decide whether to purchase a new product or brand and isn’t sure if it suits their needs? Perhaps a new line is being introduced in the physical store. How does the seller reassure the customer and incentivize the product?

Providing samples is an excellent way to draw customers in to new product. Everyone loves free samples because it gives them an opportunity to try something they either don’t feel they can afford or is entirely new and considered a gamble. Supplying this incentive greatly increases the potential buying pool while also providing a reliable source of feedback to the seller and producer.

There are many online sample and incentive programs for an assortment of products, from PINCHMe to Julep to Phone Case of the Month. They showcase products per their sponsors’ requests, and samples, often free, are sent to the members of these sites. They provide a painless test method for customers. These sites also encourage their members to review the product and fill out surveys to better equip the sites and the sponsors with much-coveted information regarding spending habits.

We’re all familiar with the success that can come with an in-store promotional sample. Many people, despite being avid online shoppers, go to the physical locations to grab samples of items they’ve wanted to try.

In both of these cases, it’s prudent to provide the person inquiring with protection for their goods, and another way to make the brand really stand out is by packing the items in a promotional sample bag with a detachable coupon for the product in question. Once a customer is interested in an item (for example, a fragrance or a high end lipstick) they’re sometimes put off by the price. Issuing coupons for the item being sampled provides incentive to purchase the product. Once the potential buyer has a chance to try the product and finds it to their liking, the coupon furnishes them with added motivation to make the purchase.

Rainbow Polybag’s promotional poly bag with detachable coupon is a perfect fit for this process, whether in-store or mailed. It not only provides comfortably portable water-resistant packaging for the sample, but provides the seller’s branding and information as well as a detachable coupon for the convenience of the customer. It’s a win-win for both parties.