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Holiday Bags

Holiday Bags

We did a post recently about reshoring, the process of American businesses’ returning their manufacturing to U.S. shores. It’s good for those businesses, good for their communities, and good for the many people who do business with the manufacturers.

As we say, we were reshoring before it was reshoring – we’ve been in Brooklyn for more than 30 years, a successful U.S. company that never left home.

One of the best parts of being a U.S.-based plastic bag manufacturer is how nimble it lets us be, and with the holidays coming up, that’s an especially big deal!

There are almost innumerable products that still need to be bagged before Thanksgiving, that’s for sure! And as a Brooklyn-based polybag manufacturer, getting jobs done by then is no problem!

And with our promotional bag business, we can manufacture the type, number, and size of bags – with the promotional printing on them – that your business needs to maximize its sales and exposure in one fell swoop.

We’re not quite Santa’s elves here in Brooklyn, but sometimes it feels a little bit like it. We’ve been gearing up for the holidays for some time. It’s always a busy time of year around these parts!

So, whether you need festive holiday promotional printed bags; litter bags (great for promotional purposes); bags with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Years themes; Rainbow Polybag has exactly what you need, at a good price, with timelier delivery than you could ever hope to find from an overseas manufacturer.

So, don’t look up at the calendar and rule out anything. It’s way too early in the game to think that way! Need security/cash bags in a hurry? We can do it. Mailer/Envelope bags. fast? We can do that. Signage/Banners just five weeks from now? We’ve got you covered.

The simple truth is that the whole run-up to the holidays is an incredibly active time for the whole U.S. economy, and we are proud, home-grown participants in the great forward rush of the season.

And because we’re local, we can make this holiday season the best ever for your company. What do you need?