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What’s The Safest Way to Ship Cash, Checks & Valuable Documents? Dual-Security Bags

The integrity and security of your shipments is always important, but knowing a package is safe and tamper-proof becomes especially essential when you need to ship cash, checks, or other valuable documents. Shipping is often the most cost-effective way to transport currency over great distances – but envelopes full of money are a tempting target for sticky-fingered thieves. How can you be sure that the money you’re sending will reach its intended destination?

Introducing the Dual-Security Transporter

Rainbow Polybag fully understands the multiple facets of document security. We create the industry’s best security bags, the Dual-Security Transporter . These polybag mailers are created using a very durable blended film that’s rugged enough to contain currency, coins, lottery tickets and other valuables throughout the shipping process.

Additional security features include our tamper-evident adhesive: nobody can attempt to open the Dual-Security Transporter without you knowing about it. Void tape closure adds another level of security. Our security bags cannot be opened and resealed by anyone who wants to help themselves to your valuables!

Tracking Features of the Dual-Security Transporter

The Dual-Security Transporter features a built-in alphanumeric tracking system. Additionally, a built-in bar code tracking system is available. These bar codes appear in four places: two are on the durable polybag mailer; two appear on tear-off receipts used to document your valuable’s journey. Having these tracking features in place adds peace of mind to the potentially nerve-wracking prospect of shipping cash, coins, and other valuables.

Custom Printing & Color Options for Security Bags

Rainbow Polybags specializes in custom printing polybag mailers. We use planet-friendly materials and our quality can’t be beat! The majority of customers choose to order the Dual-Security Transporter in discreet shades of white, gray, or a white/gray combination. Other colors are also available: contact us to find out details on custom security bags!