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Surging Recycling Rates Make Poly Mailers an Even Greener Shipping Option

After decades of efforts from environmental activists and waste management companies, Americans are now recycling more than ever. During the 2015 Plastics Conference, it was reported  that in 2013, plastic film recycling grew at an impressive rate of 11%, resulting in 1.14 billon pounds of material being reused and kept out of the landfill.

Plastic film is the material that’s used to make poly mailers and other polybag packaging. Using post-consumer plastic film (in other words, plastic film that’s already been used once in the creation of a shopping bag, polybag mailer, security bag or similar product and then subsequently recycled) reduces the carbon footprint of polybag mailers. Exponentially less fossil fuels and energy is used in the production of polybags that feature post-consumer plastic film: this makes them a smart choice for anyone who cares about the environment.

It’s important to communicate the facts about polybag mailers as an environmentally sensitive choice to any of your customers or potential customers who may be concerned about the packaging choices you made. The clothing brand Patagonia did this with a powerful case study that explained how paper mailers just couldn’t stand up to the rigors of shipping, counterintuitively creating more waste & environmental impact than the polybag alternative.  Simply adding a “Why we use poly  mailers” to your shipping page or FAQ’s can help assure your customers that you do really care about the environment and that they’re making a good decision when they choose to do business with you.