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Protect Your Deposits During Transport with Security Bags

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating: Armored car services are all about securely transporting valuables. From bullet proof materials to designs that can hold up in even the most extreme heat, armors cars are built to stand every test of security, but sometimes when you’re focused on the big picture, the small details can be overlooked. Case in point: Security bags! Consider the following situation:

A state of the art armored car is hired by a national retail chain to transport its cash deposits from an entire region to the bank. While the chain did record the amount to be collected from each store, they simply placed the cash in plain black bags. The driver stored the deposits and toted them to the appropriate bank, being sure to count the number of bags of cash he was depositing and check that it matched the number the he picked up from the storefronts.

Though he was sure that he dropped off the same amount of cash that he picked up, the retail company noticed something was off in their bank statements a few weeks later. It seemed that one of the deposits was never made. They immediately called the armored car company demanding to know what had happened and the driver insisted that he dropped off each and every deposit at the bank. Clearly an issue occurred, but where?

Security Bags to the Rescue

Had this retail chain used custom, bar coded security bags, this whole situation would have been avoided. Not only can businesses work with their plastic bag manufacturers to create custom plastic bags with their logo, company information and relevant contact information, they can select extra features that make their deposits even safer. For instance, we offer the following features for our security bags:

» Tamper-Evident Adhesive
» Void Tape Closure
» Tear-off Receipts
» Alpha-Numeric Tracking Systems for Security Bags
» Barcode Tracking Systems for Security Bags

Let’s explore several of these tools in further detail. First, tamper-evident adhesive serves as proof that someone has attempted to open the bag prior to deposit. This will be a sure fire sign to your bank that your valuables were mismanaged in transit. Second, our dual tracking systems allow both you and your armored car service to quickly and easily record your deposits. These two features work together to safeguard your valuables and ensure that they are fully accounted for at each step of the way.

Armored car services, if you’re clients are not already using custom security bags, encourage them to do so. Better yet, work with your trusted plastic bag manufacturer to create in-house security bags. Transfer client deposits from generic bags to your security bags and use our barcode tracking system to record each movement. This system reduces your vulnerability to lawsuits and ensures that you have evidence to support your case should one arise.