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Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

The fall is fast approaching and with it comes the increased spate of illness that dramatic changes in temperature and weather bring. Medical facilities see a large increase in patients from the late fall throughout the winter due to the quick propagation of the cold and influenza viruses. And a portion of these cases will develop complications from their illness. Over two hundred thousand people in the US are hospitalized each year due to flu-related complications alone. Many if not all of these patients will have to provide specimens for required laboratory tests, and it’s an excellent strategy to order your surplus specimen and biohazard bags before the wave arrives.

When taking a specimen, there is a very specific quality assurance and personal safety process to follow. One major step is to verify you have superior and uncompromised specimen packaging. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that all medical and ancillary staff follow very precise procedures to prevent any accidental exposures to pathogens. We offer a patented line of customizable latex-free specimen bags that exceed OSHA’s requirements. They have a pull-and-seal closure ensuring the specimen is fully enclosed without leakage, and they’re strong enough to withstand the vagaries of transport.

Sharps will always go into the sharps container to prevent needle-sticks and cuts, but things like tissues, bandages, paper towels and tape are put in a covered biohazard container lined with a specially marked bag. Using our quality biohazard packaging is a common-sense solution to prevent any exposure to blood or other bodily fluids. It’s critical to avoid flimsy packaging that could tear, leak or otherwise contaminate its surrounding environment. The bag will need to hold its own against various actions and physical stressors, from being pulled out of a container to being twisted, knotted and transported. As you’re ordering, consider the size and shape you need and the uses the bags will be put to.

Despite the success of the yearly influenza vaccine, many people will become infected. The contagion range is approximately six feet. It’s a respiratory aerosol transmissible disease (caused by fine droplets in the air from sneezing and coughing) and people are contagious one day before showing any symptoms; meaning they’re at work, attending social events and going about their business while highly infectious. According to the CDC, 5-20% of US residents become infected each year. The increase in patients and lab orders will mean an increased need for specialized packaging meeting federal requirements. Prepare for the upcoming flu season by ordering your surplus specimen and biohazard bags now. You’ll be glad to have them on-hand and ready when the time comes.