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Poly Mailers Produce Professional Impressions

Even with the explosion of digital marketing, direct mail is still a large component of the marketing for many industries. After all, who can resist flipping through a hand delivered catalog or perusing a sales flyer? If these tools are widely used in your business, be sure that they have the maximum impact on your customers with poly mailers.

Poly Mailers are custom plastic bags designed to house and protect your important mailings. There’s nothing worse than spending the funds to send your customers a catalog or other promotional mailings only to have them ruined by weather or rough mail workers. You’ll have spent all that effort, time, and money only to have your mailings wind up in the recycling bin. Poly mailers ensure that your documents are sheltered from the elements and they are delivered to your customers in the same condition in which they left the printing press.

The beauty of custom plastic bags such as poly mailers, is that they not only protect your mailings, they also add an element of flair, enticing your customers to open your items! Plastic bag manufacturers with full color process printing can help you create eye catching custom plastic bags that will stand out in your customers’ mailboxes. Work with your plastic bag manufacturer to ensure that all of your desired graphics, as well as the pertinent information for your customers, are included on your poly mailers.

Still sending your catalogs and mailings unwrapped? Contact your plastic bag manufacturer to learn how you can create standout, protective poly mailers that will grab your customers’ attention.